2020 Eclipse 164 Wakeboard BLEM
Liquid Force

2020 Eclipse 164 Wakeboard BLEM

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How do you make a top selling park board even better?  You make it livelier, more durable, and now with a certified FSC wood core.

The 2020 FSC wood core gives the board extra spring loaded flex and takes what was already a durable shape and makes it bullet proof.  With the LF exclusive Grind Base and Liquid Rails, this is the ultimate park board for going big off kickers and pressing on rails.

A few years back Daniel Grant said, “big boards are the future”.  Seems that Daniel can see into the future…


A blem board consists of a small imperfection in the board.  It is usually a graphic alignment issue.  It can occasionally be a VERY small scratch or small bubble around the corners of the board.  Never anything that in any way affects performance, durability, or general overall look of the board.

All blem boards carry the same (1) year warranty as a 1st quality board. Fun Fact: Our sponsored athletes usually ride blems.

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