2021 Rhyme Wakeboard BLEM
Liquid Force

2021 Rhyme Wakeboard BLEM

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One of the best wakeboarders in the game needs a board that can keep up with him…  The Rhyme is just that board.  It features a single concave with quad molded-in fins that are fused into LF’s exclusive flex tip technology giving this board ultimate response, rebound, and increased board feel with minimal drag.   Add in the Flex Track and you have one of the most responsive boards in the LF line.

The Rhyme has a split-tip shape that further adds to improved edge hold and control.  With a 3-Stage rocker, this board boosts off the steepest wakes while the flex core softens the big landings.  If it’s good enough for Guenther, it’s good enough for you…


A blem board consists of a small imperfection in the board.  It is usually a graphic alignment issue.  It can occasionally be a VERY small scratch or small bubble around the corners of the board.  Never anything that in any way affects performance, durability, or general overall look of the board.

All blem boards carry the same (1) year warranty as a 1st quality board. Fun Fact: Our sponsored athletes usually ride blems.

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